Thursday, January 28, 2010

hello katie........

Found it end of last year.
But~ only recently i watched it(again n again n again).
So,I decided to share with anyone that visited this site.
(I know I did)


Writen & Directed by: Stephen Reedy (
The Winter Stalker: Darrell Robb
The Winter Stalker (Voice): Josh Petersdorf
Katie: Rome Shadanloo
Photo of Nic Played by: Nic's Photo
Director of Photography: Chris Saul (
Editor: Jenn Horvath
Music + Sound Design: Judgment Day ( Speed Photography: Lawrence Johnson
Produced by: Alex Pardee, Megan Powers, & Stephen Reedy
Makeup: Melissa Pizzamiglio
AD: Nic AragonMiniature 
Created and Built by: Dave Correia
Color: Chris Jacobson
Sound Engineer (Voice Over): Rich Arenas
Grip/Electric: Francis Pollara
Grip: Dick Kaneshiro
Gaffer: Kyle Murphey

Monday, January 25, 2010




Monday, January 11, 2010

recently watched 2

It is one of the original plots in anime. Although there are some similarities with Mirai Nikki in term of the 'game',but the overall plotlines are very original.
  • The way the anime told its story is very unique.It shows the real scenario in real life.For example,in episode 1,where both main characters communicate with the people there in Washington DC,they speak English(well only the heroin) 
  • There also major events mentioned in it such as 9/11 events.Plus,viewer can relate to their life(life-like situation).As in "What will you do if someone gave you 10 billion yen?Will you do what he said;save your nation @ for personal gain?)
  • Also a lot of movies references made the male protagonist(Dawn of the Dead,Bourne Identity,etc)
  • 1st time featuring zombies NEETs hahaha
But,there are flaw in the show such as:
  • There so many things untold(how he got there naked in Episode 1,other  Selecao players,who is The Supporter etc) even at the end of the series(well,maybe the movies will tell about them).
  • The series is too short;only 11 episodes.
Fyi,episode 11 is not the real ending as there are 2 movies to watch after that which are Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden and Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost(coming soon).
Reminder,use your "Johnny" carefully or the "Johnny Hunter" might cutit off hahaha.

Gave it a 4/5 (for the series actually;haven't seen the movies yet)
I also put the trailers on both series and movies



The King Of Eden

Paradise Lost

Saturday, January 9, 2010


hello there
new members
welcome to the "club"!!!