Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the Occupation (1.3)

Just started to feel alive,gone back to become a zombie

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the Occupation (1.2)

back to regular ordinary salary man!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

recently played 3

Tales Of Innocence

This game is the 'bomb'!!! . The BEST TRANSLATED game I've ever played (the VERY FIRST also). Since I've never played other Tales series,I can't compared it with them. But for me,the game is enjoyable. The Japanese really kept the best for themselves.

The graphic is astounding. Believe it or not, the game was released in 2007 yet it is as good as today's games. The saying 'the gap between us and the Japanese is as wide of  10 years margin' was true. The 3D elements in walking and battle scene was fluent.The battle consists of 3 type to play; Auto,Semi-Auto and Manual (I usually used Auto and Semi-Auto).

The opening scene was superb. Both opening and ending song are in Japanese language with English subtitles.(Rarely with this combo.Usually for official translation,they changed both of them in English version.BUT this is NOT the official translations,so its differ hehehe).Not just the songs,the dialogues,the main menu,the skits and even all the additional quest were translated with almost perfect accuracy with today's slang (year 2010). This game is translated to English language 100%.

The battle control is based on real-time control. The control is easy to understand with each button customized for attack,magic/skill up to 4 types,defend and menu.It's not completely button-mashing battle but more to organized timing when attacking to create combo and filling your battle gauge. 


Every game has its flaw. Even this one. One of the biggest flaw I've faced are the need to exchange guild points for certain items.These items are not important during the game but rather after the game. Among the items are Grad Jewel, Artes Jewel, Friendship Jewel, Style Jewel, Item Jewel, Level Jewel etc... . For example,the Level Jewel is needed to bring the current level of characters (Mine was 68) to the post game in order to go through the final dungeon which each monster is as strong as mid bosses.The points to exchange with it is 161100 points = 15,20 guild missions.It may not seems that hard but imagine for each styles,Artes, friendship. You have to repeat doing guild quest over and over and over again. For those who played for 1 time only may not care less about it, but those who which to go further the pre game, this is torture!!!

Other than that, everything else is good. Overall the games is excellent in storyline, graphics, audio and contro. I gave it a 4.5/5.

This is the link for the rom of translated game

I also added a trailer for the game.Enjoy!