Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cautionary Warning

Reminiscence back to my childhood memories, I came across an anime show that aired on AXN channel in 1999. At that time I cant remember that title but the opening song of the show really caught me on the hook.

After years later I finally know the name of the show and both the opening & closing songs.

The show was called Black Heaven aka The Legend of Black Heaven aka Kacho-Ōji. It was an OVA anime with 13 episodes about middle age man who has to use his music from his past youth as heavy metal band to save the planet from alien invasion

This anime was among the hidden gems that really among the best of its time. The songs in them add more to the story.

Here the opening song

Other version without the text

The closing song in final episode (contain spoiler)

And also some of the scene in it.

The full version of both songs

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