Saturday, August 30, 2008

sick bay 2 : sickness period

This is not what I had in mind......Lying on my bed for 3 days straight from Thursday's evening to Saturday's my butt still hurt from the injection.....That doctor rEAllY doesn't know how to treat his patient well.This fever is the HIGHEST I'd ever experience for a very lONg time which was 39.5 degree celcius.I felt like I was the human torch in Fantanstic 4 without the flame.Huu.....
Half of the holiday has been burned....what's to do then?Just waiting to find out......

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sick bay

Argh!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate it,hate it,hate it.Why did it has to be this week :( . I'm sick and that sucks! You know why?This very same week I'm going home for independence day.This is the FIRST holiday for me here and I'm stuck with this sickness.Hmm.....Just hope it will cure BeFOre I go home(although the chances are slim)...hmn.....

Monday, August 25, 2008

downpour day

Today's weather is REALLY cold.It's been pouring since this afternoon.I'd almost caught a fever but I'm okay now(I think).Anyway just took a walk around KL for the whole day.Why you asked?Well,It seems my friend wants to buy a guitar controller to play 'Guitar Heroes'for his PS2.I know what you thinking.The things a gamer would do for his games....Oh well it's his money plus I might be able to play it too hehe...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

heart are closer than anything else

She finally left tonight...hmm.....Another year to go before can literally 'talk ' to her again....Looks like it back to email & YM again....Hmm yup that's all .......

Friday, August 22, 2008

plus 1

Well well do you like that.Just got another wish and it was from HER.I'm SHocKEd.The reasons are:
-I never told her about it
-I never guessed or rather EXPECTED it from her
Anyway I'm very grateful and looks like I have to return the favor later hmm....

happy birthday

12.04 a.m.

Today's the day.I had live a quarter of my life and i am OFFICIALY 20 years old.A lot of things had happen during this past...Hold on....Yes! Just got my birthday's wish from her.She still remember it.And it looks like she's packing her stuff for her departure to Moscow I was saying a lot of stuff happen this year.Some was good and other was bad.Recently there was the 'tragedy' and I was not as happy as before.So nothing much to say but HappY BIrThDay to me!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

feeling down

humn.....not feeling ALIVE today.It seems a lot of 'unexpected error' occurred today and I am not in the mood.Nah!I don't want to talk about it EVEN if the purpose of this blog is to EXPRESS YOURSELF.Don't ask me WHy.Oh about the 'tragedy'.....I'm starting to calm down and get used to it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

sorrowfull evening

hahaha.....Guess that doesn't sound right huh...Just got the news a while ago.It seems that my grandfather from my father side pass away yesterday.....My father called and told me that all the burial ceremony has finished this evening.He also told me to say pray aka''berdoa' alot to him and may ALLAH rest his soul.....You asked me what I feel?...hmmm.....I don't know how to describe it....It felt weird....this is the first time I faced death from my relatives in MY ENTIRE LIFE....wonder if these feelings are called SADNESS....You asked me if I cried?....At first tears doesn't come down.......hahaha here it a lot of them...oh guess I haven't told you right...Well my grandfather was ill for a very long time ago and I think it was a matter of time before he 'go'..........ugh my chest felt tight....Didn't called my family(mother sisters and brother) yet.....Tonight I will.......................

Saturday, August 16, 2008

advertisment officer

What a night!!! Yesterday and tonight I was involved in making a banner and a lot of 'banting' for independence day's festival at my college.We started from designing the banner,transfer it onto a large white sheet and colouring the sheet.It took 2 whole night to finish it.All that is left are hanging them around campus.Dang! it looks pretty nice and ALivE in my opinion hehe.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

unexpected error

fuh...thank god nothing happen to it.Fyi,yesterday when I was trying to install a pc game to my laptop,my dvd-drive couldn't read it.Oh boy, I started to panic.I restarted my laptop many times and it was still the same condition.I asked my friend and nothing happen.I left it overnight and just now I asked my other friend and now it is good as new.Thanks a lot!This incident REALLY taught me to appreciate what I already have and never be GrEedY.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

appearance can be deceiving

Just went out to buy lunch this morning(since everyone has eaten their lunch,I had to bought and ate it back at the room).While I was server around to see what kind of food should I bought,I saw her.Luckily ,she didn't noticed me hahahaFyi,she was in the same course with me last semester and I haven't seen her this sem until now.Anyway that's not the point,the point is she looks DIFFERENT.Not physically but the way she dReSSed.Wow completely different from last time.I guess that's the real her.You know,I think people tend to have a different side in them.Whether it is good or bad,it's not up to us to judge.Heck even me has a different side within me and I don't care what people think of it as long it does not go opposite with my belief.

blushing dinner

My god!!! That was REALLY awkward.I can't believe they keep teasing me especially THAT GUY.Well you see us guys went to dinner with 2 girls from my coursemate and it turns out one of them is HeR.Thanks to them,the'syndrome' kick in at that time(refer post 'anxiety complex').I thought it was getting better now.My hands couldn't stop shaking while eating my dinner and my face was RED .To make things worse I was surrounded by them and I couldn't make a conversation with them.She also didn't talk much.It clears to me that I REALLY lacks confident when TAlKinG DIreCtLy(except for SMS hehe) to the opposite gender.Eventually it went well and the night was over.But wow SERiOUSlY that was kind of embarassing you know.

refresh my head

Went to computer lab this morning to re-learn how to use Flash.Actually I've learned it before during matriculation but who would have thought that I would get this course.It was really fun and exiciting. I guess it kind of rekindle the flame inside me.So got to keep it up.

reconnecting ties

Well yesterday was really (how should I put it) a small step in my social life.Fyi,I had just started to re-connecting with my childhood friend(it's a guy ok).Well it seems that he just finished his A level and waiting to go abroad (UK) this September.Now that I think of it,ALL of my best friends went to overseas(Rusia & UK) may be coincidence.Anyway we started to e-mail each other daily and keep it up until the day of his departure.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

blurry morning head still hurt from the transfer of data during lab practice just now.There still some of the things that I don't understand yet.It looks like I have to ask HiM to help me with it(if he can that is).And now i kind of hungry.Got to munch something as soon as possible.Emmm

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cover blown

Dang!!! Can't believe they know about my friendship with her.And now they keep teasing me about having a relationship with her :( .Luckily they always said,rumors only last for 75 days(i think so.Don't laugh if i'm wrong),so probably these things will be forgotten by time.For the time being,just sWAllOw every bit of it.....

party night

Yesterday my friends and I celebrated our victory for winning 1ST place in multimedia presentation(refer previous posts).Although the hamper was not like what I expected(seriously it was a LOT SMALLER than what I had in mind.Guess the college really don't have any money anymore :P),we had our time and our sToMaCh full.Hope to win again next year.

hysterical test

hahaha....yesterday test was crap.It was not because the question was hard(it was REallY EasY actually) BUT i don't understand the terms used in it.Well lesson learned.Must learn from it(I hope)....