Monday, August 23, 2010


another year....
another time....
another place....
another story....


Happy Birthday ME!!!
May everything goes well this year

the Occupation

It's been a month since I started working here.
Heck,it was a roller coaster ride for me.Why u asked?Duh! Just imagine,
Just in 2 weeks (minus the online courses and CSS training),I've been put to night shift team
and went LIVE for 2 straight days!!  (with only 2 days of training)

Thank god nothing MAJOR happened such as BRANCH NETWORK DOWN,no HOST REJECT fileEOD (End of Day) never completed and more.

Plus they said usually the night shift are handled by shift lead.
Guess there's been some changing.

Now I'm stuck in it and could be for a loooong time.Hope everything goes well after this.