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gift to Slam Dunk fans

Found it while surfing the net.

Gave me manly tears :''(

UPDATE : Since the original video has been removed,here is the next best thing

stuck in my head 4

UPDATE : Previous video been removed =( . But... here's an alternative~

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recently watched 8

After watching the OVA, I interested to watched one of the reference series which is  

Photon : The Idiot Adventure.

The series is short with only 6 episodes with from episodes 1 - 5 are 30 minutes and final episodes is 50 minutes.

I liked it a lot. 

It's liked watching a short movie that was divided to 6 parts.Some question never been answered as who is Photon parents?;How he became the Singularity etc.

Non the less,the show itself really entertaining.As expected from director Kashijima

You can watch the anime HERE

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stuck in my head 3

First time heard it from drama "Dewi di Sebalik Cermin" starring Rozita Che Wan, Ayu Raudah and Fahrin Ahmad.


M. Nasir - Di Balik Cermin Mimpi

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recently watched 7

Another anime that caught my interest;  Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari . This 13 episodes' OVA (Original Video Animation) is the spin off of the popular 90's series Tenchi Muyo! created by Masaki Kajishima . It's about Tenchi's half-brother Kenshi Masaki as he finds himself in a foreign world that uses humanoid machines to fight their wars.

The OVA itself is like the reminisce of the 90's anime such as Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure , El Hazard (both produced by AIC studio). The anime balanced between action and comedy with bits of fan service.

There are lots of reference made in it that related to Tenchi Muyo! and Dual such as the character Doll that resemble D (Dual) and Neju Na Melmas (Tenchi Muyo! GXP) ,appearance of Ryo-Ohki's spaceship and the Light-Hawk Wings. Not to mentioned the characters' name is reference to director Kajishima's earlier work, Photon.

Another unusual trait in the OVA is that the run time consist of 45-50 minutes per episode.Its equal to standard 26 episodes.Thus the series doesn't feel too short.

It's definitely a series that for people who missed the good old anime feelings.

The OVA can be watched HERE

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“What time is it?” “Adventure Time!”

It's been a while since Cartoon Network (CN) showed some 'not so kid' show such as Dexter's Laboratory(Genndy Tartakovsky' version),Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy etc.Now, there isn't any show in Cartoon Network that picked my interest (except for Scooby Doo's Mystery Incorporated) since most of them showed only shows that for kids not teenagers. But last week a show intrigue me; Adventure Time.On air every weekends on 0830 hrs,the show got something that rarely seen in any other show.

I admit the thing that picked my interest was the parent guidance rating for 15 years old and below on the start of the show.So I watched it till the end.The jokes was FAHHHNNYY :))).Another show that I laughed at beside Family Guy and The Simpsons

If "Dora the Explorer" is marked as 1 and "SouthPark" marked as 10 based on adult content; this show is a 5

Overall,this is another show that keeps me hooking in it :)

Here is Interview

Among the inert songs features in it

All Gummed Up Inside 

Baby Finn song

More about them HERE

UPDATES : Here the link to the show

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the Occupation (1.3)

Just started to feel alive,gone back to become a zombie

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the Occupation (1.2)

back to regular ordinary salary man!

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recently played 3

Tales Of Innocence

This game is the 'bomb'!!! . The BEST TRANSLATED game I've ever played (the VERY FIRST also). Since I've never played other Tales series,I can't compared it with them. But for me,the game is enjoyable. The Japanese really kept the best for themselves.

The graphic is astounding. Believe it or not, the game was released in 2007 yet it is as good as today's games. The saying 'the gap between us and the Japanese is as wide of  10 years margin' was true. The 3D elements in walking and battle scene was fluent.The battle consists of 3 type to play; Auto,Semi-Auto and Manual (I usually used Auto and Semi-Auto).

The opening scene was superb. Both opening and ending song are in Japanese language with English subtitles.(Rarely with this combo.Usually for official translation,they changed both of them in English version.BUT this is NOT the official translations,so its differ hehehe).Not just the songs,the dialogues,the main menu,the skits and even all the additional quest were translated with almost perfect accuracy with today's slang (year 2010). This game is translated to English language 100%.

The battle control is based on real-time control. The control is easy to understand with each button customized for attack,magic/skill up to 4 types,defend and menu.It's not completely button-mashing battle but more to organized timing when attacking to create combo and filling your battle gauge. 


Every game has its flaw. Even this one. One of the biggest flaw I've faced are the need to exchange guild points for certain items.These items are not important during the game but rather after the game. Among the items are Grad Jewel, Artes Jewel, Friendship Jewel, Style Jewel, Item Jewel, Level Jewel etc... . For example,the Level Jewel is needed to bring the current level of characters (Mine was 68) to the post game in order to go through the final dungeon which each monster is as strong as mid bosses.The points to exchange with it is 161100 points = 15,20 guild missions.It may not seems that hard but imagine for each styles,Artes, friendship. You have to repeat doing guild quest over and over and over again. For those who played for 1 time only may not care less about it, but those who which to go further the pre game, this is torture!!!

Other than that, everything else is good. Overall the games is excellent in storyline, graphics, audio and contro. I gave it a 4.5/5.

This is the link for the rom of translated game

I also added a trailer for the game.Enjoy!  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

back in the suburb

Last week,my sister and I went back to our hometown in Kangar,Perlis for a short break away from the city.The town (yes,TOWN since I've seen a city MucH bigger than that) has changed quite a bit.From infrastructure (the old firefighter's building has gone) to the fishes in the pond (some of them dead due to eaten by UMA "Unidentified Mysterious Animal" which hasn't been known by my dad until now ).I've spent 2 days eating and sleeping at home (and still not fat yet)and the 3rd day,visiting both my grandparent's home (even my grandfather at my mother's side don't recognize me at first).The next day I came back to the big city for Sunday's night shift .

The days were so short like the newest chapter in Bleach manga .I've only managed to eat the ikan bakar from Kuala Perlis,the special beef burger in front of the barber shop at the CIMB bulding and the keropok lekor at the stall in front of the Kayangan Square.A lot of food hasn't been touched yet :( .

The time off was perfect for me to recharge myself from the stress of working (with the new shift and all) and start a new day.Probably will take another 2 or 3 months before I came back again but definitely came back home again.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

recently played 2 (full dose)

I've finished the game last week and currently just doing 'vocation leveling up' for my party.As said previously,the game itself consist of many new aspect that appeal depending on the people playing it.Here are the rest of the review.


the story - The stories in each part (in other word fygg quests) has gave certain kind of feelings which I haven't felt in a game before.For example,the quest in Blomingdale was quite sad as the maids and butlers still don't know that Marion is actually dead even after the post game. The realism of the story is shown as not each quest have a happy ending.

 the boss battle - The final boss battle was quite challenging as I have to change to advance vocation (armamentalist - paladin - gladiator - sage) each of level 45- 46 to beat him.The developer really stay true to their word saying DQ9 will be the hardest compared to the previous game. The monster were smart enough through time as they learned to use spell (Fuddle,Kabuff,Kaboom) and focusing attack on 1 single party member.

 the post game quest - Basically there is 1 post game quest related to storyline which is to obtain the Starlight Express and the ability to fly across the map.Other than that, none. To fight the boss at the Tower of Nod,you need to download certain quest through Wi-Fi and for me who don't have wireless hotspot, it was a bummer :( . Besides that, only quest unrelated to storyline remains. 

Since the game potential lies on the multiplayer functionality,the game still has a lot more to show.

As for me,I gave it a 4/5 . (-1 due to lack of post game quest hahaha).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

stuck in my head

Kansas - "Carry On Wayward Son"

First heard it in South Park Season Season 11 Guitar Queer-O 


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recently watched 6

Last 2 weeks ,while browsing many series of anime titles on the shelves at anime shops in The Mines,I've noticed one of the titles that I've really wanted to watch; Kara no Kyoukai ~The Garden of Sinners~.It's a rare deal as to find all 7 movies in one set.As per said,the movies consist of 7 movies with each of them durate from 40 minutes to 2 hours.The movies were based on chapters in the Visual Novel created by authored by Nasu Kinoko and illustrated by Takeuchi Takashi , the same people who created Tsukihime and Fate/stay night series. In other word,the KnK is a parallel universe with those two as this is Type Moon's first project before those two.

Based on synopsis of

"April 1995. I met her.

Shiki Ryougi is a girl who grew up in a family imbued with supernatural powers. In particular, certain members possess something close to dual personalities; the "male" and "female" sides, who are aware of each other, are both conscious, and essentially the same person with different qualities. This dual consciousness combined with her upbringing has led her to reject other human beings.

When she was in high school, she met a caring classmate, Mikiya Kokutou. Slowly, under his influence, Shiki begins to feel happiness in her life. However, that comes to an end when Mikiya becomes too close to her.

I don't... want to die...

A warm smile.

I want to kill you.

June 1998. Shiki Ryougi wakes up from a coma; her eyes are bandaged. In her mind, she feels only " "—utter void. Her memories are a blur, and she feels disconnected from them, as though they are not her own. Her doctor tells her that it was a car accident. She wants to be rid of those eyes; eyes that stare into the void. A woman stops her, saying that they are "too wasteful to destroy"; after all, they are the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception."

Each of the chapter are :

  • Kara no Kyoukai 1: Overlooking the Scenery (俯瞰風景 Fukan Fuukei?)   

  •  Kara no Kyoukai 2: Murder Study (Part 1) (殺人考察(前) Satsujin Kousatsu (Zen)?)

  •  Kara no Kyoukai 3: Remaining Sense of Pain (痛覚残留 Tsuukaku Zanryuu?)

  •  Kara no Kyoukai 4: The Hollow Shrine (伽藍の洞 Garan no Dou?)

  •  Kara no Kyoukai 5: Paradox Spiral (矛盾螺旋 Mujun Rasen?)

  •  Kara no Kyoukai 6: Oblivion Recorder (忘却録音 Boukyaku Rokuon?) Fairy Tale.
  • Kara no Kyoukai Remix -Gate of seventh heaven- (空の境界 Remix -Gate of seaventh heaven- Kara no Kyoukai Remix -Gate of seventh heaven-?) -(NOT PART OF THE CHAPTER) It was released in theaters on March 14, 2009. This remix collection extracts the key themes and scenes from first six movies. The hour long movie is organized in chronological order, beginning from the 2nd movie, followed by the 4th, 3rd, 1st, 5th and 6th. It's a mixture of mostly existing scenes, and some new scenes.

  •  Kara no Kyoukai 7: Murder Study (Part 2) (殺人考察(後) Satsujin Kousatsu (Go)?)             

    Each movies does not occurred concurrently with  its time line (1995 - 1999)as each movies has its own theme.For easier understanding, the sequence for each movies according to time-line are movie 2,movie 4, movie 3,movie 1,movie 5,movie 6,and movie 7. This unusual sequence is also part of the charm of the series as each movies are related to each other such as there are scenes which events in the third movie are reported on tv in the first movies.Novel readers and people re watching the movies will catch it, but otherwise it'll pass by without notice.

    There are obvious hints with  Tsukihime and Fate/stay night series such as Aozaki Aoko's sister (the "sensei" that gave Tohno Shiki, his glasses) Aozaki Touko is a major character and a scene which show a grail at Aozaki Touko'office which hints the Holy Grail Wars. The term 'magician' and 'Mystic Eyes of Death Perception' also showed the connection.

    Since I didn't neither read the VN ,I couldn't compared it with the movies.Neither the least,the movies really gave more insight in Tsukihime and Fate/stay night world.

    Definitely for me a 5/5 

    p/s : remember to watch the post-credits scene as they show preview to the next film :).

    Here's a short trailer about all 7 movies

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    "Mozart and the Mort"

    The words that appreared in a dream a week ago.

    What could it mean? 

    Saturday, January 15, 2011


    Not in the 'season' for relationship right now

    recently played 2 (currently)

    Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (part 1)

     At first I wanted to make a review on  Professor Layton and the Unwound Future but unfortunately the save file corrupted (f**k) while I was in the middle of the story and I not on the mood to play all over again.Perhaps next time.So I started to play DQ9 and I'm on the middle of completing it. As I am still completing the game,I found some of the things in it that "new" and different compared to the previous installment.Among of them are :-

    • We can create our own party member.In other word,the main character is the only character related to the main story.Other 3 party member we can customize ourselves as it will have no efFeCt on the main story. "Well for me, although it may be a new experience for this type of game; I kind of  MISs the default party member as it felt the party member kinda of have a background story behind them and act as additional boost to the game.Since this game was made for multiplayer game play, I guess it will be more fun when playing together with friends".
    • There are no random encounter with monster (wohoo).For those who were frustrated to 'each-3-step-walking-and-battle' routine,this game a HEAVEN for them.We can literally see monster as they appeared on the screen and can choose to either avoid or confront with them.This feature will certainly brings good points to the game.
    • Since this is the 1st game in the franchise that made solely for the NDS,the expectation was accurately satisfying.Although the graphic are not as good as the previous installment (since DQ8 was for the PS2),no voice over(for the period of time I'm playing it) but the storyline,side quest cover it all.It is AFTerAll a RPG for NDS,thus we can't expect it to be the same level as console's RPG.
    As in until now,the game still quite OK.I can't give overall verdict yet.Wait for part 2  ; ).  

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    2010 + 1

     HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011