Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thanks a lot to her for helping me in my task(she know what i mean).Without her,I couldn't complete it.Got to repay her someday.Thanks again :)

feeling good

Yatta......I've finished half of the job given to me.Well you see I was incharge of handling the college's computer lab.FINALLY,I've gathered enough people to do the work.It's tough to find people willing to spend their PRecIOus TiMe doing this job.(Dah who wouldn't.It seems pointless for me to take care of the lab if your college has Wi-Fi).And it feels kind of nice once in while.Hope to keep this feeling a little bit longer.

hate it

Yesterday was I think a BORING dinner.Dah!who wouldn't if you go out with them.Fyi,tonight I went dinner with 2 of my friends and 2 of THEIR friends.Don't know how that happen(well actually my friend invited me so can't say no to that).
Firstly they went to the carnival that was held near our college.There,they met one of their friend .HAHA the funny things was apparently she knew every single one of them EXCEPT me.Well I don't blame her for not knowing me(I also don't know her) but I really hate the atmosphere at that time.It's like being force to stay at the place that you DON'T belong.Ergh,it's suffocating me.
AND the dinner,they kept talking within themselves.I don't know what to talk about to them.It's no difference with eating by yourselves you know.Huh...
oh well gotta to live through it anyway.

Monday, July 28, 2008

finally its over (plus)

Again! Its really over.After a tiring weekends fulls of hard works and less sleep,it is really over.

Dude,only the last day that the so-called festival is REALLY aLivE.Many people join in and alot of activity was held.

The funny things was usually when there is a fuction at the hall, the student usually attend it quite late.But when it is about FOOD aka the 'kenduri',they come exactly ON TIME.HAHAHA I guess in this case STOMACH speaks louder than words.

Even there are faces that never seen during the festival came last night.

Anyway this year all went pretty ok la for me.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

anxiety complex

Yes!!!After 3 weeks of no communication,I had finally got to talk to her.Even if is about bussiness.She was one among my female friends here.Well you see I am not the kind of person to TALK CASUALLY to the opposite gender.ESpecially in front of my other male friends.Even my friend once told me I'm a anti-social kind of guy.I get REALYYYYY cold feet when talking to them.Man,I really hope this 'syndrome' can be cured soon.

finally its over

Thank god everything is finally over.Fyi,this week i was preety busy myself since my college decided to do their own activity called pegage V.It is like a relationship-closeness function between junior & senior and was divided to 4 'kampung @ village.

Anyway I was involved in one of its activity which is a multimedia presentation for our 'kampung'.In other word,I was involved in the making one of the actor in there.We started shooting at 2.00a.m. and ended it at 5.00a.m.Man,that was 1 hectic day.I barely got any sleep.But I think it was worth it.

Since we had to send a copy of it the next day,we had to edit it that afternoon and send it the evenig before the competition.

At last,the night of the competition arrived.It seems all the other 'kampung have their own unique storylines and effects for their presentation.

During our 'kampung' turn,it seems a lot of people doesn't recognize me in the movie.GOOD,since I don't want to attract to many attention towards myself.It would be little bothersome to me.

It looks like the function won't end until this sunday.Gotta to endure it.GAnbatte!!!!!!!(work hard).

p/s - my parents came back home last Friday.Thank god everything went wel ;-D

Monday, July 21, 2008

happy night


Finally I had upgraded my notebook.It turns out that I don't have to extract my previous 512 ram since there 2 slot in it.In other word,i've upgraded it to 2.5 gig ram.How cool was that?

Well,I can't wait to try it out.Signing out.see yah....

disappointing moment

Among the fun things I had today,there was something I regret.I didn't get to meet one of my best friends.She supposed to stay in KL until the end of this month but i just found out she went to A.S(Alor Star la) this week.Man that was a bummer.

Hope to be able to meet her soon before she leaves for a VERY VERY long time :)

(Don't understand what I said? I tell you about it when the time comes.In other word "tunggu...................."

new discovery

WOW...learn something new today.

Well fyi ,today was the first time I went to Lowyat DIrecTlY from UPM.Yeah yeah I know for some of you that was not a big deal BUT it is for me.I went with one of my two friend I told you earlier(refer previous post)

Well that day started with a pretty uNLuCky collision with the bus driver.Man I can't believe that guy.He suddenly scold us for riding his bus.Well actually there was 2 bus coming to the busstop and we decided to hitch a ride the second one(in other word that guy's bus).Plus he comment us for not wearing our matric card.Dude we had our m.card.We just don't show it.That's all.He don't have to get uptight about it.SHEESH :P.

Anyway lets leave that matter aside,I had pretty much fun today.Well we started by going to Lowyat to buy a notebook DDR2 ram worth 2 gig.Then we went to Times Square to watch a new Batman movie,The Dark Knight.Man that movie was the BOMB.Heath Leadger(may god rest his soul) played his part as The Joker so well that it feels like he give a new definition to the character.I had never knew The Joker from that prespective.

I also bought a new black jacket at KL Sentral.The price for me was pretty reasonable which is about RM70..It has 2,3 pocket with steel zipper.It does looked a little like the Ghostrider's jacket.I can't wait to try it on when that time comes.

This trip really taught me a lot of new stuff.I really can't wait for another trip next time ;D

Saturday, July 19, 2008

panic night


Tonight was 1 of many stressful nights of my know why?That is because I went to dinner with 2 of my friends which is literally FROM 2 DIFFERENT WORLD.It's like a nerd and a goth going to the same place TOGETHER if you know what I mean.It happen so suddenly.

UnCOmPATiBLiTLITy = 99.9%

Anyway,back to my 'story',It was preety tense in the dining table.Both of them DO NOT talk to each other.It's not like they are fighting but rather they do not have anything to talk to each other.As for me I was freak out.FYI,when I tend to talk to one of them,I somehow switch my personality.Example,when I talk to a nerd I  became one.You get the picture right?

In the end,everything went well.But damn,I really wish not to go through the same 'uncomfortable experience 'ever again.......

Friday, July 18, 2008

missing you

Got call from my parents just now.They just told me that they going to oversea for a while and they going there tomorrow.

It seems like  they going to attend one of my dad's friend 'punya anak' kenduri.Plus to doing some bussiness trip there.

Man that sucks.Why didn't they go there when i'm still on vacation last month.It pissed me off a bit   :(   .

Oh well.Just want to regard them for a safe trip.

Love you guys a lot  : D . 



“ To be, or not to be, that is the Question:"

one of the quote in Shakespeare's famous play;Hamlet.

As for me,it is about whether or not for me to start a blog or not.

Alas,here I am now.

......ok see in the next post