Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Fate/Stay Night-Unlimited Blade Works (the actual movie)




Just watched this morning;downloaded from a streaming site.(Dude,took a lonnnnng time as the size was BIG as in 689 MB) BUT it was DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

Lets talk about the structure of the film.Since it is a movie of 110 minutes,we can expect that the film can't compress the entire scenario from A to Z.That's why I recommended that it is better to watch the series firstfor better understanding as the film started to show certain scene from the original series and started to differ at the part Shirou,Rin 1st encounter with Illya and Berserker.

We can see more action from Shirou in this movie (not his wimpy side on 'Fate ' route)as this scenario  tells more about his relation with Archer,thus expect full battle scene between Shirou -Archer and Shirou-Gilgamesh.The scenes will definitely no disappoint you.(can't keep me in my seat the entire fight scene hehe )

More side on Archer is revealed as he contain more dialog,screen time and action compared to the series (heck,I even felt like he's the protagonist compared to Shirou). More techniques are shown eg Rho Aias. In other word,this movie belongs to Archer.

We'll see more of Rin-Shirou relation in this as the heroin in this route is her.Although not much of Saber's development in it eg Avalon (Yes,I'm a Saber fan ,we can still feel the emotion development in her.

Additionally,Lancer has much more role in it compared to the series,thus we able to know more about his characterisation.

Overall,definitely worth it to watch and considered a PRESENT to hardcore fan like me woohooo~

p/s :  2nd trailer to enjoy


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

4.5 Stars!!! 0.5 lagi psal video quality ko bg x ckup best =p

piko said...

yg penting crita 'sdp~'